January 25, 2013

Boycott the UCI?

The UCI is on pretty much everyone's hate list, and has been for some time. Whether it is their bullying tactics for teams that don't show up for their Beijing Race (because they own it - a clear conflict of interest), or their futile attempts to protect Lance over the years and as recently as the release of the UCI reasoned decision, or their efforts to control my seat angle, they just keep reconfirming they are really bad people.

Not everyone takes out a UCI licence of course, and that in no way reflects on how much one loves the sport. But for those of us who do, what do we do this year? I've been thinking about this in the context of my personal goals for the year. Basically, I asked myself whether I really need a UCI licence to have a fun year. There are lots of club races where I live which have nothing to do with the UCI of course. And I could target a few of the fun sanctioned races by just getting a day licence, especially for mountain biking and cross.

So I've decided that I just can't stomach feeding the UCI machine until McQuaid and his cronies are gone. But I don't want to penalize local race organizers who do such a great job for the sport. I can still support local race organizers by purchasing day licences. You can purchase a fair number of day licences for the price of a UCI licence. If you are a race organizer, then it would be great if you ensured your races had a day licence option, not all do. And I can also have fun doing the various club races. I still will join my club as that doesn't require a UCI licence. Seems to be a bullet proof plan for protest to me.

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