November 19, 2011

How Not to Ride in a Paceline

Another good cycling crash laugh. Those helmet cams are priceless. I can think of five things, any one of which would have prevented the final handlebar vault.
  1. Don't ride the aero bars in a paceline - you need those brakes handy.
  2. So you don't overlap wheels.
  3. Be aware of where people are around you. Don't change your line without knowing if you are about to take someone out.
  4. When your front wheel is falling apart on you, hit the back brake and stop before you crash. Coasting to a gradual stop isn't advisable.
  5. Use a sturdier wheel. That wheel fell apart pretty easily and I would say it was under designed spoke-wise. It definitely ain't a Reynolds.
Most importantly, if you have the camera, make sure you get it all on film. Excellent.

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