May 25, 2010

I Am Pretty Lame Lately

So my blog productivity has really fallen off in direct proportion to my training and racing program. It is finally warm enough up here in Canada to race - even outside. So here is a Reader's Digest condensed version of everything:
  • Although the druggies have been doing well lately in various races, they still suck.
  • Go Cadel go - make Basso feel the pain. You look good (pretty?) in pink.
  • Floyd Landis really, really sucks. He is leading in the Tour de France of sucking all-time best sucking list. Remember, he also tried to blackmail Greg Lemond, who also somewhat sucks I am afraid to say. Man that guy hates Lance - impairs his judgment.
  • My 2XU elite tights are spectacular. I just did 3 consecutive days of +100 km in the mountains, and according to my TSS (training stress score), the last day was the hardest of them all. Sure training counts too, but I'm convinced these babies make my legs feel better the next day if I wear them to bed. My new secret weapon.
  • Even with a poorly adjusted front derailleur, my AceCo K-Edge chain catcher stops chain drop. Perfect for the lazy mechanic. I am fearless shifting to the small ring. I bought the cross version for my Ridley - awaiting delivery.
  • I wish it would warm up. My legs have only seen the sun three times this year. All that work leg shaving has no payback so far.
  • My Cervelo P3 (and consequently my flat back TT position) is awesome. How does 150-160 watts and 35+ km/hr on an out and back sound? No that isn't my threshold power - just a ride to tune the equipment the day after those 3 days in the mountains. Have a race this week.
  • Actually, the Cervelo Soloist Carbon (S2) also rocks these days. Felt pretty fine in the mountains.
  • I think the Training With Power generic program is working well for me. I also think this is going to be a stellar year. The next couple of months will tell the tale as I approach my target race, but my power profile is none too shabby compared to last year.
Well that's it for now. I have to go to bed and recover. After reading a cycle mag while using my recovery tools.

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