April 12, 2010

Stars and Watercarriers - 1973 Giro d'Italia Video

It would be easy to make smart comments about these vids, but that would be inappropriate and disrespectful where respect is what is due. A few observations only:

  • Merckx really was pretty incredible - winning through brute strength because he could.
  • Note how big the bike frames are compared to today's bikes, even today's conventional (non-compact) framesets.
  • Note how they climb. With only a few gears by today's standards (probably 5 cog freewheels), they used a different technique to power up the hills at low cadence. Lots of upper body movement grinding away on those steep slopes.
  • In contrast, note also how smooth and controlled they are on the flats, no hands, by the team car, etc. 

Tip: You can speed the downloads by starting, then pausing the video. Watch one while a few others are downloading. Helps avoid viewing delays.

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