March 26, 2010

Quarq Power Meter Review - Excellent Warranty Repair Experience

So just as I decided to follow the program from Training and Racing with a Power Meter, my Quarq gave up the ghost. I reviewed the Quarq in a previous post and it had been working just fine the day before on a 4 hour ride. No problem I thought, battery must have died as it had been about a year with the original battery. I was due. Bought a new battery and put it in. No dice. No power, no cadence. Although my Garmin could detect the power meter. So, since I had a two year warranty and only one year had passed, I emailed Quarq from their website contact info with my problem. Got a response the next day telling me to send it in for a firmware update. Apparently, there was a glitch in my vintage of firmware that caused the unit to shut down when the battery got low.

Being a thrifty person, I sent it fairly cheaply - five working day delivery. I sent it in on a Tuesday night. Got it back a week and a half later on Friday (today). So that was a very timely turn around. No return postage due, delivered by Fedex. Now this is pretty decent service since I am in Canada and they are in the US. Not only that, they cleaned everything up nicely. Haven't seen those chainrings this clean since I bought them. Spotless.

Wait, there's more! Quarq included a free water bottle (can always use another one of those, eh?). They also included new epoxy, two new magnets and a metal ring that I guess can be used on certain types of frames to hold the magnet. My magnet is still hanging in there so I haven't bothered with it.

All in all, absolutely top-notch service from a top-notch company. Very impressive and makes me glad I purchased it. And I gave her an hour on the trainer tonight - working just fine thank you. Full marks Quarq.

June 30, 2011 Update: Another year, another dead battery. Unscrew cap, buy battery from local watch repair shop, replace, rescrew cap. Everything works perfectly. This is a very, very good product.

May 23, 2012 Update: Another year, battery not dead yet. Everything working perfectly.

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