March 31, 2010

Hell of the North - Old School, But The Cobbles Haven't Changed

It's just about that time again. Time for Paris-Roubaix that is. This is a really interesting race because the race directors and their radios have little influence on the outcome - i.e., not boring and predictable.

"It's the race that everyone wants to win but nobody wants to ride" Great quote from Allessandro Ballan. A ride like that would kill most people and these guys race it. Or at least the bigger, stronger riders do. Not a race for the 130 lb climbers. Something like 6 hours and a zillion crashes.

Anyways, I found these excerpts from A Sunday In Hell. Old school 1976 version of the race, but things haven't changed much in terms of how hard it is and what you have to do to win. Sit back and admire. I don't know which is better, mud or dust. I think I have to buy this video.

How to clean your bike before Paris-Roubaix

The Beginning

Some Background

Some Action

See. It's still hard - Boonen in 2009, note the blood and spit it takes to win - even on a dry day. The guy behind him is totally stunned and amazed.

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