January 27, 2010

Contador Livestrong?

If you believe the bike mags, it is a well-known fact that there was no love lost between Lance and Alberto. Sounds reasonable when you consider they both are driven winners. Imagine you are Contador and you have just won the last three Grand Tours you were in - in a row. Then your team brings Lance on board, just when you finally get back into the Tour after sitting out for a year. "Hey" he might say, "Wasn't anyone watching when I won those grand tours?" Or "What did I do to piss you off this time Johan?" Or "What have Americans ever done for Khazahkstan?" All very good questions Alberto.

Definitely not an optimal situation for Alberto and pretty amazing he was able to ignore all the distractions and just perform. Talk about mental toughness. That boy, or whoever mentored him during this time, should take a page from Lance's entourage and write a book on self-motivation. Someone knows what they are doing. Now if he could just improve a bit on the PR side. Of course, controversy is good for the profile of the sport. So the trash talk may not be an entirely bad thing.

Something interesting I just noticed about last year's Astana kit. Besides the fact that their jerseys don't match in the top TdeF photo. If you were Alberto, wearing Lance's Livestrong brand on your left sleeve and left leg would be kinda suck, don't you think? He might have asked "How about putting the pistol on the right sleeve? But for that you need a pistol charity. Perhaps the NRA? Great personal incentive for Alberto to get the yellow jersey - no Livestrong logo. Although still stuck with Livestrong on the shorts.

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